Parlez-vous PaaS?

Several years ago I visited Parfumerie Gallimard in Grasse, France. Grasse is famous as the perfume capital of the world and Gallimard is the 2nd oldest perfumery in the world. There I learnt about how the les nez (“noses”– the perfumers who compose perfumes with their fine-tuned olfactory senses) create new perfumes. The vocabulary used to describe …

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Humans & Cloud

Anatomy of the Virtual Social Network

In previous posts on utilities, I talked about the evolution of common utilities like water, gas, electricity, and lately computers (Part I), and utilities that connect us like transportation networks and communication networks (Part II).  Now we have virtual social networks on a virtual transportation network. In this post, let’s de-construct that virtual social network to see …

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Business Models: Cloud & Consumption

In Part I of this series of posts on business models, on whether we have new business models in the Information Technology sector, we looked at comparing business models using a Product-Service-Software-Hardware plane or PSSH Plane shown below, with quadrants representing the primary business models of firms. We examined the so-called “new business models” in the …

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